We understand that there is a huge gap in the affordable art market, which is why we listen to our young and modern clientele and curate artworks to fit their pockets and spaces. Our mission is to reinvent the approach to buying art, going beyond the traditional art paradigm to showcase exceptional emerging talent through digital content, art exhibitions, and strategic

our mission

To create a seamless experience while purchasing art and take away the uncertainties for new and young collectors by hand holding them every step of the way. We hope to give you an artwork that stays with you for a long time and brings joy and inspiration to the home it finds.

We want to translate to all aspiring and mature collectors that buying art does not have to be intimidating or burn a hole in your pocket. Art needs to evoke emotion that connects with the buyer at a visceral level, therefore, making customisation key. Young and new collectors can buy high quality art and start building their collection today!


Combining deep personalisation and aesthetic sensibility, Tesoro bridges the gap between e-commerce and the traditional gallery model, making art feel real and accessible. Through tasteful curation and free personal advisory, we suggest the highest quality affordable artwork for projects of any size and budget.

Accessibility benefits both collector and the artist. Tesoro has supported 47 artists showcase their art directly to the client. Tesoro artists are shortlisted purely for their talent and oftentimes belong to remote parts of the country where access to art selling platforms is rare.

the founder

Karishma Bhatia

Karishma Bhatia has a masters from LSE, London and is a literature graduate from LSR, Delhi. She has communications experience with McKinsey & Co., Dorling Kindersley, and the United Nations. A traveler, storyteller and a painter at heart, she has a penchant for aesthetically designed spaces. She was inspired to create Tesoro when she moved into her new home years ago. She wanted to create beautiful and inspired corners and pockets in her home with artwork but the affordable art market seemed to be unorganised and un-curated. She was looking for a Tesoro, but couldn’t find one.